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Pregnancy care treatment

Welcome to Dyumna Women's Clinic

Where we recognize that seeking professional advice and support during pregnancy is a sign of strength, and a crucial step towards ensuring the best outcomes for both the mother and the baby.

Why Choose Dyumna for Pregnancy Care Treatment?


1. Personalized Approach: Our pride lies in our personalized approach to pregnancy care. Each pregnant patient's journey begins with a comprehensive examination of their medical history and a thorough review of medical reports. This detailed analysis forms the basis for tailoring treatments to address individual needs and provide necessary corrective measures.

2. Expert Team: Our team is composed of experts from Ayurveda field united by the common motto of being patient-centric. This guiding principle ensures that every aspect of our care is focused on you, prioritizing your well-being and unique health requirements throughout your pregnancy.

3. Monthly Changes in Medicines: Our internal Ayurveda medicines are thoughtfully crafted combinations of Ayurved medicines, such as shatavari, suvarn malini vasant, kam dudha, yasthimadhu, and amalaki. These medicines are not only palatable and easy to take but are also adjusted monthly, aligning with the developmental stages of the fetus. 

4. Investigations : Timely blood reports and ultrasonography are advised as per standard ANC treatment protocols, with a keen eye on factors like blood sugar and thyroid levels. 

5. Smooth Delivery: In the 8th and 9th months, we recommend specialized treatment procedures like Basti and Yoni Pichu to enhance normal delivery or smoothen the delivery process, ensuring the best outcomes and minimizing post-pregnancy complications.

6. Good Progeny and Garbh Sanskar: Our pregnancy protocol addresses the desire for a healthy and well-adjusted child. Additionally, we focus on Garbh Sanskar before conception, providing guidance for pranayama meditation and exercise to decrease stress levels and boost positivity during pregnancy.

7. Monthly Dietary Recommendations: Ayurveda-based dietary protocols are provided as per the monthly development of the fetus, ensuring easy digestion, palatability, and incorporation of essential elements like cow ghee, cow milk, and seasonal fruits.

8. Postnatal Care: We extend our guidance beyond delivery, providing recommendations for postnatal diet, lifestyle, and medicines to address post-delivery health issues for both the mother and baby.

Visit our website to explore how Dyumna Women's Clinic is dedicated to elevating your pregnancy experience through personalized, expert, and holistic care.

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