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Dr. Avinash Kadam

Clinical Research Scientist, Rasayu group & Rasayani Biologics

Dr Ashish

B.A.M.S., MSc. ( Pharmaceutical Medicine )

 Over 15 years of experience in conducting scientific research studies in Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy.

Actively involved in designing and conducting clinical studies on New Chemical Entities (NCE) and Drug Development through Reserve Pharmacology.

Earlier involved in clinical validation of folklore therapies as a part of a project conducted by Regional Medical Research center ICMR.

A frequent speaker to deliver talks on varied topics at leading conferences and workshops conducted by premium institutions including AIIMS.

Currently head of research and development work at Rasayani Biologics (since 2018).

Published search papers in important scientific journals that include important topics such as use of Mercury in Ayurveda and studies on tumor regression in cancer using Rasayana.

Adds immense value from his rich experience to research & development initiatives at Rasayu.

He has contributed to the scientific fraternity with articles in renowned journals such as Journal of Young Pharmacists and Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology.

Dyumna Doctors Team: Compassionate Experts in Women's Health

Alongside Dr. Vineeta Bendale, Dyumna Women's Clinic is privileged to have a dedicated team of medical professionals committed to women's well-being.

Dr Rutuja

Dr. Rutuja Pandav ,Assistant physician, 

Dyumna women's clinic.


PGPP (Panchakarma), Diploma (Yoga & Cosmetology )

Dr Deepalo

Dr. Deepali Pawar ,Assistant physician, 

Dyumna women's clinic


DYA (Yoga & Ayurved)

Together, they form a dynamic force in providing specialized care for women, ensuring that each patient receives the highest standard of medical attention and compassion.

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