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Dr Vineeta Bendale


Dr. Vineeta Bendale
Director at Ayurved Rasayu Group
Founder Dyumna Clinic

At Dyumna Women's Clinic, Dr. Vineeta Bendale stands as a beacon of specialized care for women's well-being. Hailing from Mumbai, she embarked on her journey in Ayurveda by completing her Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery at Tilak Ayurved Mahavidyalaya, Pune. Driven by a profound desire to delve deeper into Ayurvedic treatments, she pursued post-graduation in Panchakarma.


With an extensive background in gynecology from an Ayurvedic perspective, Dr. Bendale brings a unique understanding of women's health. She firmly advocates for tailored care plans that address both the preventive and curative aspects of women's well-being. Her expertise encompasses a range of normal physiological phases and gynecological ailments.


Dr. Vineeta Bendale's commitment to women's health has garnered recognition both in India and abroad. She has actively participated in numerous National and International forums, sharing her invaluable experiences in infertility and gynecological disorders. Notably, she has conducted seminars on Women's Health and Panchakarma in the vibrant city of Paris.


With Dr. Vineeta Bendale at the helm, Dyumna Women's Clinic ensures that every woman receives the specialized care and attention she deserves. Join us in empowering women to lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

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