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At Dyumna Women Clinic, we embody Ayurveda's philosophy that Health is the cornerstone of a fulfilling life, emphasizing both prevention and cure. Our Panchakarma facilities offer an exceptionally potent set of Ayurvedic techniques designed to cleanse and revitalize the body, mind, and consciousness.
In today fast-paced lifestyle, neglecting health often leads to the accumulation of toxins, causing physical and mental strain and weakening the body natural defenses. Prolonged stress exacerbates these issues, compromising immunity and paving the way for various ailments and degenerative changes.
Panchakarma serves as a powerful antidote to these effects, employing deep cleansing methods that invigorate cellular health, fostering rejuvenation of both body and mind.


Our Tailored Panchakarma Approach


Comprehensive Assessment: We conduct a thorough evaluation of each patient, considering clinical examinations, metabolic history, prior health conditions, and current test reports to recommend personalized Panchakarma procedures.
Personalized Care: Our Panchakarma procedures adhere to the highest quality standards
and are tailored to individual needs.
Lifestyle Guidance: Before commencing Panchakarma, we provide personalized lifestyle
recommendations and dietary guidance for a holistic approach to healing.
Expert Therapists: Our trained female and male therapists perform the procedures with
expertise and sensitivity.
Specialized Treatments: For women, specific procedures like Yoni-Dhavan, Yoni Pichu, and
Uttar Basti are administered by skilled doctors.
Continuous Monitoring: Throughout the treatment, our Panchakarma consultants monitor
the patient progress closely.
Post-Treatment Support: We offer detailed information on post-Panchakarma healthy diets,
exercise routines, and lifestyle practices to maintain the benefits.

Panchakarma Procedures Offered

Our clinic provides a range of Panchakarma procedures, each with specific benefits:
Abhyanga: A massage with medicated oils that helps in fatigue alleviation, inducing sound
sleep, and promoting rejuvenation.
Swedan: Fomentation by various methods, enhancing the efficacy of detoxification
Virechan: Detoxification via purgation, beneficial for various metabolic effects and
reproductive system enhancement.
Basti: Instillation of medicines via the anal route, considered half the benefits of complete
Nasya: Medicinal instillation through the nose, addressing disorders like chronic rhinitis and
hormonal balance.
Shirodhara: Dripping of medicated liquids over the forehead to induce relaxation, combat
stress, and enhance memory.


Specialized Women Procedures

Yoni Dhawan: Rinsing the vaginal canal with medicated decoctions for gynecological issues
and fertility enhancement.

Yoni Pichu: Using medicated tampons for various conditions like vaginal dryness and
maintaining a healthy pH.

Uttarbasti: Administering medicated substances in the uterus for correcting ovulation
patterns and enhancing fertility.

At Dyumna Women Clinic, our Panchakarma services strive to restore balance and vitality, offering
a holistic path to wellness for women health and overall well-being.

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