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Understanding Fertility: A Holistic Approach

1. Fertility Basics:

   - Fertility is the ability to conceive through normal sexual activity.

   - Four key factors crucial for conception: exemplary quality of ovum and sperm, a conducive reproductive environment, optimum metabolism, and correct pattern of ovulation.

2. Pre-conceptional Counselling:

   - Ensuring emotional, mental, and physical preparedness for both partners.

   - Addresses medical concerns and offers advice on prenatal care.

3. Navigating Challenges:

   - Acknowledging that the journey to parenthood may not be smooth for everyone.

   - Dyumna Women's Clinic recognizes the importance of addressing every aspect with complete integrity.

4. Good Progeny and Fertility Protocol:

   - Our fertility protocol aids in family planning, focusing on the desire for healthy, well-adjusted children.

   - Dyumna's approach integrates holistic care to address the challenges posed by fertility issues.


  Dyumna's Comprehensive Fertility Treatment:


1. Treatment Strategy for Both Partners:

   - Tailored treatment protocols encompass pre-conceptional and post-conceptional medicines, specialized procedures, blood investigations, and more.

   - The first step involves appropriate tests to determine the course of treatment.


2. Treatment for Normal Reports - No Success:

  When reports are normal still no success found in fertility we focus on  to recover metabolism system and improves the quality of sperm as well as eggs which leads to a great result in fertility.

- Lifestyle changes are emphasized, including guidance on diet, sleep, exercise, pranayama, and meditation.

   - Unique treatments like Virechan, Basti, Matra basti, Shirodhara, pranayama, and a personalized approach to address changing lifestyles and enhance metabolism.

3. Treatment for Abnormal Reports:

   - Differentiated approach for males and females.

     - Males:

       Correction required at various reports such as Sperm DNA Fragmentation reports,Asthenozoospermia.

       - Personalized internal Ayurveda medicines consisting of herbs such as kavachbeej, Gokshur, Ashwagandha,  etc. and Panchakarma procedures.

     - Females:

       - Address problems like ovulation cycle irregularities, fallopian tube blockage, and endometriosis.

       - Internal Ayurveda medicines, lifestyle changes, and personalized specialized treatments.

4. Specialized Ayurvedic Procedures:

   - Virechan, Basti, Yonidhavan, Yonipichu, Uttarbasti, Shirodhara, and Nasya.

   - Tailored to menstrual patterns, enhancing reproductive system functions, clearing infections, and maintaining pH balance.


5. Fertility Window Guidance:

   - Educating couples on the importance of the fertile window.

   - Supporting with medications to boost fertility during the specific time frame for optimal chances of conception.


Why Dyumna Women's Clinic for Fertility Care:


- Holistic Approach: Our approach transcends traditional fertility treatments, focusing on overall well-being.

- Personalized Care: Every body is unique, and Dyumna's personalized treatment plans reflect this belief.

- Comprehensive Monitoring: Regular tests and investigations are conducted to monitor progress and adjust treatments accordingly.

- Expertise: Dyumna's team of experts offers unparalleled guidance and support throughout your fertility journey.

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