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Overcoming Endometrial Hyperplasia: A Journey to Hormonal Harmony at Dyumna Women's Clinic

Navigating hormonal imbalances and gynecological concerns can be an arduous journey, yet one patient's story stands as a beacon of hope and resilience. Mrs. S.A., aged 43, commenced her transformative journey with Dyumna Women's Clinic in August 2018, battling the challenges of endometrial hyperplasia.


Mrs. S.A.'s ordeal manifested through six months of irregular menstrual cycles accompanied by prolonged heavy bleeding and distressing clots during her periods. Compounding her struggles were severe mood swings and heightened mental irritation plaguing her 8-10 days before her menstrual cycle, impacting her overall well-being.


Her initial ultrasonography during the secretory phase painted a concerning picture, revealing an endometrial thickness of 24.3 mm, indicative of endometrial hyperplasia. The treatment regimen crafted by Dyumna Women's Clinic incorporated Rasayanas and specialized herbomineral preparations. Notably, the clinic introduced Matra Basti, a simple self-administered procedure through hygienic packages, scheduled on alternate days.


A month later, a follow-up ultrasonography exhibited promising progress, displaying a reduction in endometrial thickness to 14.2 mm, marking a significant 10 mm decrease from the previous measurement. Continuing the protocol, further ultrasonography after two months showcased commendable improvement, revealing a reduced endometrial thickness of 7.4 mm during the secretory phase.


The impact of this treatment went beyond menstrual regularity; Mrs. S.A. experienced a newfound sense of normalcy in her cycles, characterized by moderate flow and an absence of clots. Notably, her debilitating dysmenorrhea ceased entirely. Equally remarkable was the alleviation of her distressing mood swings and mental irritation, paving the way for a more positive mindset within a mere five months.


This success story exemplifies the potency of Rasayanas, Matra Basti, and Ayurvedic interventions at Dyumna Women's Clinic in restoring hormonal balance and alleviating the burdens of endometrial hyperplasia. It signifies the transformative power of holistic treatments in not only addressing physical symptoms but also in nurturing mental well-being.


Embark on your own journey towards hormonal harmony and well-being with Dyumna Women's Clinic. Experience personalized care and effective solutions tailored to your unique needs.

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