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A Teen's Triumph Over Dysmenorrhea and Chocolate Cyst: Dyumna Women’s Clinic Success Story

At Dyumna Women’s Clinic, every success story echoes the triumph over various gynaecological challenges. In May 2023, a 13-year-old girl approached our clinic, burdened by excruciating acute dysmenorrhea, lower back pain, and discomfort after urination, only a year after experiencing her first menstrual cycle.

Despite the regularity of her menstrual cycles, her periods were distressingly painful, leading her to rely heavily on analgesics multiple times a day from the onset to the sixth day of her menstrual cycle.

Upon thorough examination and a detailed review of her sonography report, our medical team identified a 4.1 x 3.6 cm chocolate cyst in her Right ovary. In response, Dyumna Women’s Clinic recommended a specialised Panchakarma procedure known as Matra Basti, complemented by personalised medications, to be continued until her June menstrual cycle.

Remarkably, with our tailored treatment approach, the intensity of her dysmenorrhea significantly reduced. A follow-up ultrasound after her June 2023 menses revealed an astounding outcome—the complete disappearance of the cyst. As a result, the young girl no longer required analgesics to manage her periods.

This remarkable success story showcases the transformative journey of this young patient who triumphed over dysmenorrhea and effectively resolved a chocolate cyst through the personalized and targeted treatments offered at Dyumna Women’s Clinic. Her experience stands as a testament to our commitment to providing effective and personalized care for every individual's unique gynecological concerns.

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